Monday, September 26, 2011

110926 SM Confirms Sooyoung’s Return for October Comeback

On the 26th of September, a representative of SM revealed over the phone with reporters that Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung would be returning with the rest of Girls’ Generation for their comeback scheduled on the 5th of October. The representative said that, “Fortunately, Sooyoung will be able to join the girls for their comeback. She had a very strong will and determination to rejoin the girls. However, we will still continue to constantly monitor her condition during their promotions.”

In order to quicken the duration of her recovery, Sooyoung was absent for the SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO concerts, and it looks like her decision has paid off as she will be able to perform on stage once again. Sooyoung is currently rehearsing for their comeback together with the rest of Girls’ Generation, but she is ensuring that she does not overwork herself.

The representative on the phone ended off by saying, “Sooyoung is making sure that she does not strain herself during rehearsals, and she is also getting occasional checkups. They will be focusing on their practice sessions so that they can create the best stage possible during their comeback.”

Sunday, September 25, 2011

110925 Girls’ Generation to Release Third Full Album “The Boys” on October 5th

Girls’ Generation will be making their comeback on October 5th.

Girls’ Generation will be releasing their third official album’s title single “The Boys” on October 4th. The full album itself will be released on iTunes in Korea, as well as the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Americas, at the same time on October 5th.

As Girls’ Generation has grown as a girl group that gains attention, not only in Asia, but all over the world, they have planned a fitting “worldwide” concept. They are planning on revealing both Korean and English versions of ‘The Boys”, for both the song and music video.

“The Boys” was written and composed/arranged by Teddy Riley, who was Michael Jackson’s producer, as well as the founder of “New Jack Swing” and Black Street member in the 1990s. He is currently known as one of the best producers all around the world, and has garnered even more attention after it became known he was working with Girls’ Generation.

Starting with Taeyeon on September 26th,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

110922 First Script Reading Held for Yoona’s New Drama “Love Rain”

The first script reading was held for director Yoon Sukho and writer Oh Sooyeon’s new drama “Love Rain”. The main actors and actresses Jang Geunsuk, Yoona from Girls’ Generation, Kim Sihoo, Son Eunseo, Hwang Bora, and Seo Inguk, were chosen recently and were all present at the script reading.

Director Yoon Sukho, writer Oh Sooyeon, as well as all of the actors and actresses were present at Yoon’s Club, the production company behind “Love Rain”, for the first script reading. Director Yoon Sukho did not miss a single thing and led the reading with detailed directing. Jang Geunsuk, Yoona, and the other actors acted as if they were actually filming.

Yoona stated,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

110917 Girls’ Generation Appears on ‘Love Request’

The leaders of “new hallyu”, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior members “shared” through a recent broadcast.

On the 16th at 5:35 PM, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior appeared on the live KBS1 “Love Request” episode, “Super Junior·Girls’ Generation’s Gift”. The two groups, who are hallyu stars, took the live stage, giving thanks to fans all over Asia, as well as helping children living under difficult situation.

An eleven-year-old boy from Cambodia who is too poor to get treated for her inherent heart disease, a nine-year-old Indonesian boy with bad eyesight, and Cha Sunyoung of Jeju-do, a child who lives a hard life in a motel with her widowed mother and is a fan of Girls’ Generation, were present during the broadcast. The two children from overseas, who are fans of Girls Generation and Super Junior, were able to get treated in Korea through the groups’ invitations.

[non-Girls' Generation parts omitted]

Footage of Girls’ Generation at the blood drive, held on September 9th at the KBS Hall, was also aired. While all members did get tested to donate blood, due to the rule of not being allowed to donate within a month of going overseas, they could not. Of the members, Tiffany was concluded as being the healthiest member, while the youngest member, Seohyun, participated in her first blood donation.

Meanwhile, through Girls’ Generation and Super Junior fans’ sharing mindset, during the 85 minute broadcast this day, approximately $32,000 was raised.

Source: Nate
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Friday, September 16, 2011

110916 Vita500 App Featuring Girls’ Generation Released for Android Phones

This week Kwangdong Pharmacy released a new app for Android phones that features Girls’ Generation. The app contains individual pictures of the members as well as individual videos of each member singing and dancing to a cute new “Vitamin Song”. All of the individual videos have been attached below, and you can view the pictures of each member here.