Saturday, November 26, 2011

111126 Girls’ Generation Nominated for Three Categories in Golden Disk Awards

After topping the charts and music shows in Korea, Girls’ Generation has been nominated for three categories in the upcoming 26th Golden Disk Awards (also known as the Korean Grammy Awards), which will be on January 11th–12th, 2012 and will be held at Kyocera Osaka Dome in Osaka, Japan.

Girls’ Generation has been nominated in the Album Award, Digital Album Award and Most Popular Artist Award categories. There are 25 nominees under the Album and Digital Album Award while for the Most Popular Artist Award, there are 35 nominees.

In addition to that, the Album Award winner be announced on the first day of the event and the Digital Album Award will be announced on the second day. Also, Girls’ Generation will be performing on the second day of the event.

Source: The 26th Golden Disk Awards
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111126 Girls’ Generation Four Years Ago: Cute and Fresh ‘Into the New World’

Girl group Girls’ Generation’s looks four years ago is becoming an issue.

On the KBS2 TV’s “Star Life Theater” broadcast on November 24th, the last episode of Girls’ Generation was painted.

At the end of the show, the program mentioned Girls’ Generation’s growth, and their rookie days were shown. Despite the recent popular looks of sexy young women, Girls’ Generation appealed with a fresh and cute image during their debut with “Into the New World”.

The viewers who saw this responded with, “It’s been 4 years already, time goes by very fast”, “They debuted while they were in high school but Maknae is already in her twenties”, “Girls’ Generation four years ago had more innocent appeals”, “Baby-faced Girls’ Generation. It’s great to see them after so long”, and “After seeing them four years ago, they have a strong adult feel now”.

Friday, November 25, 2011

111125 Girls’ Generation Wins a Fifth Music Bank K-Chart

On November 25th, Girls’ Generation took home their fifth K-Chart win in a row.

Last week was believed to be the girls’ goodbye stage, as the official site had said that they were concluding promotions. However, Girls’ Generation’s popularity keeps soaring, and they surprised everyone by coming back to perform again on Music Bank. Girls’ Generation was up against Wonder Girls for another Music Bank K-Chart.

It was an extremely close win, with only 123 points separating the two groups. Fans everywhere reacted immediately with excitement about the girls’ fifth straight win.

In addition to the win, fans were also excited about the outfits Girls’ Generation wore for this performance. Many fans continue to express their love for the concept of “The Boys” and its ever changing wardrobe, which had the girls in sexy black outfits reminiscent of their “Chocolate Love” outfits.

111125 Girls’ Generation Wins Global Artist Award at 2011 MelOn Music Awards

Girls’ Generation has won the Global Artist Award at 2011 MelOn Music Awards.

On November 24, 2011, the 2011 MelOn Music Awards was held in the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The Global Artist Award is given to the group who has the most popularity in Korea and also overseas. Unfortunately, the nine girls couldn’t attend this award ceremony due to their conflicting schedule.

Through a VCR, Girls’ Generation expressed their gratefulness upon receiving the award. Sunny said, “I should’ve delivered my thanks personally, so I’m sorry that I couldn’t attend. I’m happy because we’re receiving an award at the year’s end and it feels like we’re concluding on a high note. I’m proud that K-Pop is spreading into the world. I hope that people will continue to love Girls’ Generation a lot.”

International fans were delighted by the news. This was shown when “Global Artist” suddenly trended worldwide on Twitter.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

111019 Girls’ Generation Releases “The Boys” Album

The long awaited return of Girls’ Generation is finally here! At 00:00 KST on the 19th of October, digital copies of Girls’ Generation’s third album, “The Boys” went on sale on various music portals such as iTunes. At the same time, the much anticipated music video of Girls’ Generation’s title track, “The Boys” was uploaded onto YouTube via SMTOWN’s channel.

The English version of “The Boys” can be purchased via Amazon here, or it can be bought from iTuneshere. The full Korean album can also be purchased here. Soshified has also organised a project to support Girls’ Generation’s third album, and will be doing a bulk order in collaboration with HwaSuEunHwa. You can participate in this project by checking this thread out. Remember to support Girls’ Generation by getting your copy of the album!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

110926 SM Confirms Sooyoung’s Return for October Comeback

On the 26th of September, a representative of SM revealed over the phone with reporters that Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung would be returning with the rest of Girls’ Generation for their comeback scheduled on the 5th of October. The representative said that, “Fortunately, Sooyoung will be able to join the girls for their comeback. She had a very strong will and determination to rejoin the girls. However, we will still continue to constantly monitor her condition during their promotions.”

In order to quicken the duration of her recovery, Sooyoung was absent for the SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO concerts, and it looks like her decision has paid off as she will be able to perform on stage once again. Sooyoung is currently rehearsing for their comeback together with the rest of Girls’ Generation, but she is ensuring that she does not overwork herself.

The representative on the phone ended off by saying, “Sooyoung is making sure that she does not strain herself during rehearsals, and she is also getting occasional checkups. They will be focusing on their practice sessions so that they can create the best stage possible during their comeback.”

Sunday, September 25, 2011

110925 Girls’ Generation to Release Third Full Album “The Boys” on October 5th

Girls’ Generation will be making their comeback on October 5th.

Girls’ Generation will be releasing their third official album’s title single “The Boys” on October 4th. The full album itself will be released on iTunes in Korea, as well as the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Americas, at the same time on October 5th.

As Girls’ Generation has grown as a girl group that gains attention, not only in Asia, but all over the world, they have planned a fitting “worldwide” concept. They are planning on revealing both Korean and English versions of ‘The Boys”, for both the song and music video.

“The Boys” was written and composed/arranged by Teddy Riley, who was Michael Jackson’s producer, as well as the founder of “New Jack Swing” and Black Street member in the 1990s. He is currently known as one of the best producers all around the world, and has garnered even more attention after it became known he was working with Girls’ Generation.

Starting with Taeyeon on September 26th,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

110922 First Script Reading Held for Yoona’s New Drama “Love Rain”

The first script reading was held for director Yoon Sukho and writer Oh Sooyeon’s new drama “Love Rain”. The main actors and actresses Jang Geunsuk, Yoona from Girls’ Generation, Kim Sihoo, Son Eunseo, Hwang Bora, and Seo Inguk, were chosen recently and were all present at the script reading.

Director Yoon Sukho, writer Oh Sooyeon, as well as all of the actors and actresses were present at Yoon’s Club, the production company behind “Love Rain”, for the first script reading. Director Yoon Sukho did not miss a single thing and led the reading with detailed directing. Jang Geunsuk, Yoona, and the other actors acted as if they were actually filming.

Yoona stated,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

110917 Girls’ Generation Appears on ‘Love Request’

The leaders of “new hallyu”, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior members “shared” through a recent broadcast.

On the 16th at 5:35 PM, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior appeared on the live KBS1 “Love Request” episode, “Super Junior·Girls’ Generation’s Gift”. The two groups, who are hallyu stars, took the live stage, giving thanks to fans all over Asia, as well as helping children living under difficult situation.

An eleven-year-old boy from Cambodia who is too poor to get treated for her inherent heart disease, a nine-year-old Indonesian boy with bad eyesight, and Cha Sunyoung of Jeju-do, a child who lives a hard life in a motel with her widowed mother and is a fan of Girls’ Generation, were present during the broadcast. The two children from overseas, who are fans of Girls Generation and Super Junior, were able to get treated in Korea through the groups’ invitations.

[non-Girls' Generation parts omitted]

Footage of Girls’ Generation at the blood drive, held on September 9th at the KBS Hall, was also aired. While all members did get tested to donate blood, due to the rule of not being allowed to donate within a month of going overseas, they could not. Of the members, Tiffany was concluded as being the healthiest member, while the youngest member, Seohyun, participated in her first blood donation.

Meanwhile, through Girls’ Generation and Super Junior fans’ sharing mindset, during the 85 minute broadcast this day, approximately $32,000 was raised.

Source: Nate
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Friday, September 16, 2011

110916 Vita500 App Featuring Girls’ Generation Released for Android Phones

This week Kwangdong Pharmacy released a new app for Android phones that features Girls’ Generation. The app contains individual pictures of the members as well as individual videos of each member singing and dancing to a cute new “Vitamin Song”. All of the individual videos have been attached below, and you can view the pictures of each member here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

110830 Girls' Generation's Tiffany Shares Her Thoughts on Musical Debut

At the press conference held on the 30th of August,Tiffany revealed, “While the other members of Girls' Generation were doing their musicals I was also steadily practising my acting and singing”

Tiffany is the third Girls’ Generation member after Taeyeon and Jessica to participate in a musical. Her role in the upcoming musical "Fame", is a rebellious girl with a burning passion to become a star called Carmen Diaz.

Tiffany also shared with everyone, “Luckily I came upon a role that I have confidence in. If I encounter any difficulty, I can ask for advice from my friends who have already debuted in musicals. Something I have in common with my character is that in America I had dreams of becoming a singer so I came to Korea, and after going through my training period, I debuted. During my trainee days I had that passion and I think it will be easy to express the person that I was not too long ago. We have similarities and we have differences too so I must work hard at that to fulfill the role."

Tiffany stated that she is preparing a lot for her first musical challenge and said, “As of now I can’t explain how I will perform, but I’m studying the movie closely and watching the musical again. I am continually practicing the script and music. I want to act naturally so that the audience will be able to sympathize with the character.”

Based on the 1980 film of the same name, the musical, "Fame", premiered in 1988 and has had productions all over the world. The musical was first introduced to Korea in 2005. This is a teen musical that takes place in La Guardia, an Arts school in New York, and it shows the dreams and sorrows of aspiring artists who have wishes of becoming stars.

Watch the video of Tiffany at the press conference below!

Monday, August 29, 2011

110829 Sooyoung Involved in Car Accident; Unable To Participate in Group Activities

[EDIT]: Updated with translated tweets from Sooyoung's sister Soojin and former SM trainee Stella Kim.

It has recently been announced that Girls' Generation member, Sooyoung, was involved in a car accident at 9:00am on the 28th of August. The accident occurred near the rest area on Gyeongbu Expressway while Sooyoung was on her way to a charity event for the blind and vision impaired in Cheonan, caused by the negligence of the driver in the opposite lane who crossed over the center-line.

Sooyoung was sent to a nearby hospital, and is currently recuperating in a hospital in Seoul with injuries to her lower spine (fracture to the sacral vertebra). However, her doctor has stated that the injury is only minor, although Sooyoung will need time off from activities immediately in order to recover.

As a result, Sooyoung will not be participating alongside

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

110816 Girls' Generation's "Shikshin" Reputation Gains Attention

Girl group Girls' Generation has become the center of attention amongst netizens for their big appetites.

On August 15, a post titled '"Girls' Generation's God of Food Road" appeared on an online community site. It included evidence of the slim girls holding the title of "shikshin" (god of food) with their big appetites.

The original poster first revealed the time when actress Kim Minhee ran into four Girls' Generation members at a restaurant. She revealed that the four members ended up paying a $210 bill for their meal. She added a significant comment, saying, "I heard that once, their bill came out being more than what Super Junior (with 13 members) eats."

The netizen continued their post by adding screenshots of Yoona when she played the role of Saebyuk on the KBS1 daily drama "You're My Destiny". During the eating scenes, she could be seen eating spoonfuls of food,

Friday, August 12, 2011

110812 Seohyun Receives Ban Kimoon's Signature

The Korea National Red Cross and Korean Committee for UNICEF held an inauguration ceremony for the "Help Children in Africa" project at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on August 12, 2011. UN secretary general Ban Kimoon together with stars such as Girls' Generation, Shin Hyunjoon, Kim Yoonjin, SHINee, f(x), and vocalist Jo Sumi have gathered for this ceremony to help the children of Africa.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun, who was present for the event, prepared a present for Ban Kimoon. However, this was not Seohyun's real intention. Girls' Generation's maknae came with a book written by Ban Kimoon himself titled "Study Like a Fool and Dream Like a Genius", which highlighted the processes Ban Kimoon went through in order to become the "president of the world". She brought the book with her so she could ask him for his signature. When Seohyun received his signature on the book, her expression showed that she was deeply moved. Along with his signature, Ban Kimoon wrote, "Peace to the world with songs of love!"

This campaign is an opportunity for secretary general Ban Kimoon to gather support for Africa. With their slogan "Together for Africa", this campaign aims to raise donations for the children in poor countries in East Africa for at least three months.

Source: Sports Chosun
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110812 Girls' Generation Comeback Set for September

According to Sports Chosun, girl group Girls' Generation will be starting their comeback activities in Korea with an official album in September.

It was informed that Girls' Generation, who has been gaining much popularity in Japan, has been secretly recording their third official album. While figuring out when they would start their activities in Korea, it was revealed that they have decided on a September comeback.

One member of a broadcasting crew revealed, "There were lots of talk on Girls' Generation making their comeback in Korea sometime in the fall, but I know it as being finalized for September. They are currently recording, and depending on how fast they progress, it may be delayed a week or two."

Along with news of their comeback, the anticipation was increased amongst fans as it was revealed that they will not be releasing a mini album or digital single, but a full-length album. After releasing their second full-length album, "Oh!", in January of 2010, this will be their first full-length album release in a year and eight months. It is expected to contain Girls' Generation's matured images.

While the time

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

110727 Hyoyeon's Maturing Image Receives Attention

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon is currently receiving attention for her striking appearance at the press conference of the "2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR". The event was held prior to the start of their concert on July 24th that was held at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium.

Many fans were pleasantly surprised by Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon who appeared at the event in her white lace costume. She glowed with her natural make up and striking blonde hair which allowed her to stand out easily among the members.

She also lightened up the overall atmosphere as she answered questions comfortably and smiled frequently for the cameras. Her maturity was also noticed by fans who praised her

Monday, July 25, 2011

110725 Tiffany Makes a Short Appearance on History Channel's 'South Korea: A Nation to Watch'

Girls' Generation's Tiffany was recently featured on one of History Channel's programs called the "South Korea: A Nation to Watch". Tiffany, who is known as one of the two members who is fluent in English, spoke comfortably about the rising popularity of K-Pop and why fans are so intrigued by it. She cited reasons like the internet who have made both the Korean culture and music industry so globalized in today's society. Girls' Generation's "Run Devil Run" music video was also shown for a few seconds.

Watch the clip below!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

110713 eohyun Chosen as Girl Group Member with Most Likable Face

Recently, an online poll was created with the question "Which girl group member is the most likable and has the best facial proportions?" Girls' Generation Seohyun emerged in first place with 51.9%. She received an overwhelming number of votes with 120 out of the total 231.

The head of Lux Plastic Surgery, Kang Minjun explained that "Seohyun's forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and the rest of her face have natural and ideal facial proportions. This gives off a comfortable and likable image to the public eye."

Girls' Generation's generally well-received image is also one of the

Sunday, July 10, 2011

110710 Parody of Girls’ Generation on Saturday Night Live Japan

On the previous episode of Saturday Night Live Japan which was aired on the 9th of July, a parody of Girls’ Generations’ “Mr Taxi” was revealed. In the video, the male cast of the show was dressed up in full Girls’ Generation attire as they danced along to the Gold-winning single. Donning on wigs, makeup, belly-showing outfits and knee-high socks, the 9 dancers sent the crowd into tears of laughter as they completed their performance with the trademark steering-wheel dance.

Saturday Night Live Japan debuted on Fuji TV on the 4th of June with Akashiya Sanma and Imada Koji as the hosts. The recent episode on the 9th of July was filled with laughter thanks to the parody, and it definitely shows Girls’ Generation’s success in Japan.

Check out the hilarious video below!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

110702 Girls' Generation Win Two Awards at MTV VMAJ

On the 25th of June, Girls' Generation attended the MTV Video Music Aid Japan at Makuhari Messe convention centre, where they performed "Mr. Taxi" and "The Great Escape" on a stage shared by various other popular artists such as SHINee and Lady Gaga. The event was held with hopes of supporting and raising awareness for the Red Cross appeal in light of the recent disaster in Japan.

Today, the much anticipated results for the awards ceremony have been released and broadcasted in multiple countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore and China. Out of the 15 awards,

110702 SM Entertainment's Bans on Sooyoung and Yuri

SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man has placed a ban on a couple of Girls' Generation members, and it is becoming a hot topic. Cable channel tvN revealed the bans on "enews" on July 1st.

The Girls' Generation members who received the bans are Sooyoung and Yuri. Sooyoung and Yuri were told to refrain from behavior that could damage the elegant and beautiful image that the girls and SM Entertainment have been pushing lately. Sooyoung was told not to do vocal imitations anymore and Yuri was told not to do her special "kkab", or playfulness.

(Editor's Note: Non-Girls' Generation parts omitted.)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

After wrapping up the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS concerts, Girls' Generation flew back to Japan to continue their Arena Tour. Along with the huge crowd, AKB48 member Matsubara Natsumi has also attended the concert. Along with a few of her fellow members,

110618 Girls' Generation Ranked 4th On FHM Taiwan's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011"

With intense exercise routines, nutrition doctor-approved diets, and sexy stages being performed at their Japan concerts, Girls' Generation's sexiness is at an all-time high, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone that FHM Taiwan recently ranked Girls' Generation in the number 4 spot for their annual "100 Sexiest Women in the World".

The girls received 28,201 votes and were ranked higher than some of Hollywood's hottest actresses, such as Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox.

Source: FHM Taiwan
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110618 Yuri's Balanced Diet Receives High Praise

A recent report from tvN's e News showcased Girls' Generation's Yuri's much-talked about diet, with it receiving stellar marks in nearly every department.

Yuri received the highest score from experts for her diet. Her trainer said that she went on a diet because of her upcoming European and Japanese tours. He also mentioned that she did many aerobic and ab exercises. Her diet includes: seasonal greens, 5 brocolli heads, 100g of grilled chicken breast, and 150g of brown rice,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

110615 Girls' Generation Land Back in Korea

After two consecutive days of performing for the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS and looking around the city, Girls' Generation are now back in Korea to rest and to prepare for their upcoming concerts for the Arena Tour. Meanwhile,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

110614 Girls' Generation's "Tell Me Your Wish" Video from SMTown Paris Gets 1.5 Million Views, Becomes Number One Video on YouTube

Girl group Girls' Generation has dominated the world through YouTube.

A video of Girls' Generation's "Tell Me Your Wish" performance at the SMTown concert in France on June 10th received over 1,500,000 views on June 12th-13th. It was the most-viewed video worldwide.

It was also the week's most-viewed video in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

110612 "Former cutie, now mature woman"... Tiffany's Air Has Changed

On the 11th, at 1:30pm, the "SMTOWN Writers & Publishers Conference" was held at the Marriott Rive Gauche hotel in Paris, France.

Representative Lee Sooman, world-renowned music producer Teddy Riley, and Girls' Generation's Tiffany, as well as 50 European songwriters attended this event.
During this time, Tiffany was able to share on behalf of all SM artists, the training and debut process, and other things that are unique to SM's system that she herself had experienced.

Friday, June 10, 2011

110610 Girls' Generation are Enjoying Their Time in Paris

TIFFANY! Looking at the shopping list~ Guess 7 products on the TIFFANY's shopping list~! Lucky '7' for TIFFANY~!!! and for all SM artists~!!! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

While Yuri and Tiffany were shown out and about in Paris, another picture was added of Yoona in Girls' Generation's waiting room.

110610 Yuri's Ab Workout Regimen Revealed

The secret behind Yuri's solid abs, which have been hot topic lately, was revealed through SBS's "Midnight TV Entertainment" on June 9th.

During the broadcast, Yuri's trainer Lee Youngman revealed, "Yuri started exercising to make her body perfect in preparation for the Europe and Japan tours."

He added, "First, she followed a perfect diet, followed by aerobic exercises." The diet revealed by the trainer consisted of seasonal vegetables, brown rice, broccoli, and grilled chicken breast.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

110607 Girls' Generation Leaves for SMTown Paris

In the midst of a week in Japan which saw record-breaking album sales, various appearances on Japanese television, and a sizzling concert tour, Girls' Generation is now heading across the world for their first performance in Europe for SM Town Live in Paris.

The girls put on a fantastic show in their three concerts staged so far in Japan despite the obstacles of Sooyoung being sick, Jessica's voice giving out, and Sunny's trip to the hospital.

110603 Girls' Generation Perform Special Medley on Music Station

After successfully launching their Japanese Arena Tour just three days ago, Girls' Generation is also not planning to slow down with promotions for their 1st Japanese album. The girls made an appearance on AsahiTV's Music Station today to perform a medley of their songs "THE GREAT ESCAPE" and "MR. TAXI". Popular Japanese artists like Yui and Hey! Say! JUMP were also present.

Monday, June 6, 2011

110606 Yuri's Abs Garnering Attention

It's a well-known fact that Yuri has a great body and magnificent abs. So it's no surprise that Yuri's solid abs have been garnering attention.

An internet community site posted photos of Yuri's abs, and they have been getting attention from netizens.

Yuri's sexiness could be seen in the photos through her tanned skin, solid abs, and visible curves.

Netizens who saw these pictures have said, "When did Yuri get abs?", "She's so sexy", and "Yuri must have worked out a lot".

110606 Sunny Visits Hospital Due to Exhaustion

Sunny had to make a trip to a hospital during a Girls' Generation concert on Sunday. During a Girls' Generation performance at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, Sunny reportedly collapsed due to fatigue, and was rushed to a hospital to be checked out in the middle of the concert.

However, Sunny was able to return to the arena before the girls' encore stage, and apologized for inconveniencing fans, saying, "I'm sorry you had to worry about me," while breaking down in tears:

110611 Girls' Generation Break 100,000 Mark Within 2 Days

Girls' Generation attained the #1 spot again today on the Oricon Daily Album chart with album sales of 48,428. Having reported their #1 ranking on the same chart yesterday, the girls have topped the chart for the second day in a row.

Monday, May 30, 2011

110530 Fans Wish Yoona a Happy Birthday

Girls' Generation's Yoona's fans celebrate her birthday. Two fancafes, "CISTUS" and "Smile Yoona", celebrated Yoona's 22nd birthday by collaborating to put an ad in today's edition of a Korean newspaper.

When Girls' Generation performs on stage, Yoona is usually in the middle, earning her the names "Center Yoona" and "Girls' Generation's Face". In the ad, the fans wrote "Your eyes are similar, your neck is long and slender," comparing Yoona to a deer, another nickname that fans have called her.

Friday, May 27, 2011

110527 Taeyeon Voted OST Queen

Another poll has been topped by a Girls' Generation member, this time in a dominant fashion. Music website Monkey3 conducted an online poll asking netizens "who is the the queen of drama OST's". Taeyeon ran away with first place, receiving 52%, or 385, out of a total of 740 votes. Baek Ji Young came in second with 26%. People in the music industry have even said, "If Taeyeon sings it, it'll be a hit."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

110526 Girls' Generation Claim Top 3 Spots on Gaon Album Chart

Even with Japanese promotions placed as their main priority at the moment, Girls' Generation has still managed to attain the top 3 spots on the Gaon Album Chart.

Girls' Generation's Japanese singles (licensed in Korea) are proving to be doing exceptionally well in their home country. The singles "MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run", "Genie" and "Gee" placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively even though the Japanese versions of the songs were not promoted in Korea.

110526 Yoona Ranked Fifth for "Most Beautiful Face of This Generation"

A matchmaking company website,, surveyed 400 male and female of its members to find out who they thought had the most beautiful face in this generation.

Girls' Generation's Yoona was selected and was eventually placed fifth. Celebrities like Kim Taehee, Shin Minah, Han Yeseul and Ha Jiwon earned the spots 1st to 4th respectively. Actor Hyunbin also placed first for the men's category.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

110521 Teaser for Girls' Generation's 1st Japanese Album Released

Moments ago, it was reported that the teaser for Girls' Generation's 1st Japanese album would be uploaded on 00:00 JST/KST on SM Entertainment's official YouTube channel.

While waiting for the teaser video to finally pop up, fans have been starting to trend "Girls'Generation" an hour before the announced time and brought the topic up to #4 on the worldwide trending topics list.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

110519 Girls' Generation Spotted at English Village

Just two days after their much talked about performance at Hanyang University, members of Girls' Generation were spotted at an English Village in South Korea earlier today. Pictures of Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun quickly surfaced, and the girls were found dressed in the same yellow outfits they wore for their "MR. TAXI" music video.

SHINee's Key was also found alongside the girls in one the pictures. Though the purpose of their visit to the English Village is still unclear,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

110505 Girls' Generation to Perform 'MR. TAXI' on Music Station

Girls' Generation will perform on TV Asahi's Music Station on May 13th.

They will be performing their popular new single , 'MR. TAXI,' which was released on April 27th. Since this song is the girls' first original Japanese single, many are curious to see how they will perform and what kind of outfit they will reveal that day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

110504 Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Voted Number One Future Idol Mentor

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon received the highest votes as the idol who would be the future mentor and offer the greatest support.

MBC's 'Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star' is currently receiving much attention and there is also great interest on idols who would be future mentors for the show.

From April 26th to May 2nd, music portal 'Bugs!' held a survey with the question, 'Which idol would most likely be the future mentor for the show Star Audition?' The results showed Girls' Generation Taeyeon taking first place with 45% (2487 people) votes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

110503 Girls' Generation's Yuri Spotted at Baseball Match

On May 3rd, Girls' Generation's Yuri was spotted at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul to watch a baseball game. She was found with her stylist and another man watching the match between Doosan Bears and LG Twins.

Clad in a Doosan Bears jacket and with two caps emblazoned with the Doosan Bears logo placed in front of her, it was clear which team the trio was rooting for. Though looking a little tired, Yuri was still all smiles as she enthusiastically cheered for her favorite team.

Here are videos of Yuri's reactions after realizing she was being filmed:

110503 Girls' Generation Set to Attend Event For 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

The National Chorus of Korea will perform in Pyeongchang, Seoul and New York in hopes of attracting attention to Korea to house the 2018 Winter Olympics.

On May 3rd, World Harmony representatives announced that the '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics National Choir Bid' event will last for two hours at the Seoul Plaza,

110503 Innisfree Releases New CF and Photos Featuring Yoona

Cosmetics company Innisfree released a new 30-second CF as well as two promotional photos featuring Yoona. The CF advertises a green tea seed serum designed to help the user's skin retain its moisture. Yoona's voiceover touts the beneficial effects of green tea antioxidants on skin,

110503 MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run' Sells 100,000 In First Week

After reaching the top of the charts in Japan within a few days, Girls' Generation's newly released single 'MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run' managed to sustain its momentum, selling over 100,000 copies in the first week of its release.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

110424 Girls' Generation Perform Hoot for SBS Inkigayo

Earlier this week, it was announced that Girls' Generation are going to perform for SBS Inkigayo's Special jeju Concert! The tight schedule they had made them fly to Beijing for Samsung China's Fanmeeting and back straight away. After quite some time, the girls were finally back on stage in Korea to perform a special stage in front of fans once again.

Wearing sleek white outfits, the nine girls managed to perform their hit track 'Hoot'. Check out the performance below!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

110423 Innocent Seohyun Spotted in School

Pictures of Girls' Generation's Seohyun attending school at Dongguk University have surfaced.

On April 23rd, a netizen revealed two photos of Seohyun at a coffee shop in Dongguk University through a portal site's bulletin board. She was found dressed casually in a black top with blue jeans.

The netizen spotted her among the crowds, and took a picture of her at the checkout line with a mobile phone.

110423 Girls' Generation To Release First Full Japanese Album On June 1

Girls' Generation is preparing to release their first full Japanese album on June 1. While the information is not yet 100% official, several music website have begun listing the self-titled album 'Girls' Generation' as being available for pre-order. Previously released Japanese singles 'Genie', 'Gee', 'Run Devil Run', and 'MR. TAXI' will appear on the album, which is said to contain 12 songs total. The new album will come in three different editions, much like the 'MR. TAXI' single, with the two limited editions containing different extras in addition to the album itself.