Saturday, November 26, 2011

111126 Girls’ Generation Nominated for Three Categories in Golden Disk Awards

After topping the charts and music shows in Korea, Girls’ Generation has been nominated for three categories in the upcoming 26th Golden Disk Awards (also known as the Korean Grammy Awards), which will be on January 11th–12th, 2012 and will be held at Kyocera Osaka Dome in Osaka, Japan.

Girls’ Generation has been nominated in the Album Award, Digital Album Award and Most Popular Artist Award categories. There are 25 nominees under the Album and Digital Album Award while for the Most Popular Artist Award, there are 35 nominees.

In addition to that, the Album Award winner be announced on the first day of the event and the Digital Album Award will be announced on the second day. Also, Girls’ Generation will be performing on the second day of the event.

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111126 Girls’ Generation Four Years Ago: Cute and Fresh ‘Into the New World’

Girl group Girls’ Generation’s looks four years ago is becoming an issue.

On the KBS2 TV’s “Star Life Theater” broadcast on November 24th, the last episode of Girls’ Generation was painted.

At the end of the show, the program mentioned Girls’ Generation’s growth, and their rookie days were shown. Despite the recent popular looks of sexy young women, Girls’ Generation appealed with a fresh and cute image during their debut with “Into the New World”.

The viewers who saw this responded with, “It’s been 4 years already, time goes by very fast”, “They debuted while they were in high school but Maknae is already in her twenties”, “Girls’ Generation four years ago had more innocent appeals”, “Baby-faced Girls’ Generation. It’s great to see them after so long”, and “After seeing them four years ago, they have a strong adult feel now”.

Friday, November 25, 2011

111125 Girls’ Generation Wins a Fifth Music Bank K-Chart

On November 25th, Girls’ Generation took home their fifth K-Chart win in a row.

Last week was believed to be the girls’ goodbye stage, as the official site had said that they were concluding promotions. However, Girls’ Generation’s popularity keeps soaring, and they surprised everyone by coming back to perform again on Music Bank. Girls’ Generation was up against Wonder Girls for another Music Bank K-Chart.

It was an extremely close win, with only 123 points separating the two groups. Fans everywhere reacted immediately with excitement about the girls’ fifth straight win.

In addition to the win, fans were also excited about the outfits Girls’ Generation wore for this performance. Many fans continue to express their love for the concept of “The Boys” and its ever changing wardrobe, which had the girls in sexy black outfits reminiscent of their “Chocolate Love” outfits.

111125 Girls’ Generation Wins Global Artist Award at 2011 MelOn Music Awards

Girls’ Generation has won the Global Artist Award at 2011 MelOn Music Awards.

On November 24, 2011, the 2011 MelOn Music Awards was held in the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The Global Artist Award is given to the group who has the most popularity in Korea and also overseas. Unfortunately, the nine girls couldn’t attend this award ceremony due to their conflicting schedule.

Through a VCR, Girls’ Generation expressed their gratefulness upon receiving the award. Sunny said, “I should’ve delivered my thanks personally, so I’m sorry that I couldn’t attend. I’m happy because we’re receiving an award at the year’s end and it feels like we’re concluding on a high note. I’m proud that K-Pop is spreading into the world. I hope that people will continue to love Girls’ Generation a lot.”

International fans were delighted by the news. This was shown when “Global Artist” suddenly trended worldwide on Twitter.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

111019 Girls’ Generation Releases “The Boys” Album

The long awaited return of Girls’ Generation is finally here! At 00:00 KST on the 19th of October, digital copies of Girls’ Generation’s third album, “The Boys” went on sale on various music portals such as iTunes. At the same time, the much anticipated music video of Girls’ Generation’s title track, “The Boys” was uploaded onto YouTube via SMTOWN’s channel.

The English version of “The Boys” can be purchased via Amazon here, or it can be bought from iTuneshere. The full Korean album can also be purchased here. Soshified has also organised a project to support Girls’ Generation’s third album, and will be doing a bulk order in collaboration with HwaSuEunHwa. You can participate in this project by checking this thread out. Remember to support Girls’ Generation by getting your copy of the album!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

110926 SM Confirms Sooyoung’s Return for October Comeback

On the 26th of September, a representative of SM revealed over the phone with reporters that Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung would be returning with the rest of Girls’ Generation for their comeback scheduled on the 5th of October. The representative said that, “Fortunately, Sooyoung will be able to join the girls for their comeback. She had a very strong will and determination to rejoin the girls. However, we will still continue to constantly monitor her condition during their promotions.”

In order to quicken the duration of her recovery, Sooyoung was absent for the SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO concerts, and it looks like her decision has paid off as she will be able to perform on stage once again. Sooyoung is currently rehearsing for their comeback together with the rest of Girls’ Generation, but she is ensuring that she does not overwork herself.

The representative on the phone ended off by saying, “Sooyoung is making sure that she does not strain herself during rehearsals, and she is also getting occasional checkups. They will be focusing on their practice sessions so that they can create the best stage possible during their comeback.”