Wednesday, September 15, 2010

100915 SNSD Taeyeon Crowned Girl Group "Aegyo Queen"

Netizens picked girl group SNSD Taeyeon for idol group member aegyo queen.

From the 7th to the 14th, community portal site DC Insider conducted a poll of “Idol overflowing with aegyo that melts men’s hearts”. From a total of 16,801 votes, 10,211 votes (60.8%) went toward Taeyeon, getting an overwhelming support for first place.

Through Taeyeon’s personality from past broadcast, which overflowed with aegyo reactions and expressions, received a lot of love from fans.

In addition, from the same SNSD, member Sunny got 2,891 votes (17.2%) and earned 2nd place. Sunny “aegyo best” characteristic eye laugh and also lovable talk were the points that stood out the most.

3rd place with 2,424 votes (14.4%) went to group f(x) Victoria, which was followed by f(x) Sulli, Brown Eyed Girls Ga-in, and IU.

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