Saturday, November 26, 2011

111126 Girls’ Generation Four Years Ago: Cute and Fresh ‘Into the New World’

Girl group Girls’ Generation’s looks four years ago is becoming an issue.

On the KBS2 TV’s “Star Life Theater” broadcast on November 24th, the last episode of Girls’ Generation was painted.

At the end of the show, the program mentioned Girls’ Generation’s growth, and their rookie days were shown. Despite the recent popular looks of sexy young women, Girls’ Generation appealed with a fresh and cute image during their debut with “Into the New World”.

The viewers who saw this responded with, “It’s been 4 years already, time goes by very fast”, “They debuted while they were in high school but Maknae is already in her twenties”, “Girls’ Generation four years ago had more innocent appeals”, “Baby-faced Girls’ Generation. It’s great to see them after so long”, and “After seeing them four years ago, they have a strong adult feel now”.

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