Friday, November 25, 2011

111125 Girls’ Generation Wins a Fifth Music Bank K-Chart

On November 25th, Girls’ Generation took home their fifth K-Chart win in a row.

Last week was believed to be the girls’ goodbye stage, as the official site had said that they were concluding promotions. However, Girls’ Generation’s popularity keeps soaring, and they surprised everyone by coming back to perform again on Music Bank. Girls’ Generation was up against Wonder Girls for another Music Bank K-Chart.

It was an extremely close win, with only 123 points separating the two groups. Fans everywhere reacted immediately with excitement about the girls’ fifth straight win.

In addition to the win, fans were also excited about the outfits Girls’ Generation wore for this performance. Many fans continue to express their love for the concept of “The Boys” and its ever changing wardrobe, which had the girls in sexy black outfits reminiscent of their “Chocolate Love” outfits.

The members were extremely happy with the win as well, doing their own fanchants and cheering during their encore.

Check out the backstage interview along with their performance of “The Boys” and acceptance speech below. Congratulations Girls’ Generation!

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