Thursday, June 10, 2010

100609 Goo Hye Sun tears after meeting Yoona

Actress turned director Goo Hye Sun shed tears after meeting SNSD’s Yoona?

On the 8th, the talented celebrity revealed her special affection towards Yoona during her guest appearance at KBS2TV variety show Win Win.

Goo Hye Sun confessed, “Although I haven’t met Yoona directly in person yet, I have grown to like her a lot recently. Yoona and I exchanged phone numbers through a dance teacher we both knew, and since then the two of us have called and sent text messages to each other often.”

Just as Goo Hye Sun finished, Yoona made an unexpected appearance as a guest and caught Goo Hye Sun completely by surprise. Ultimately, the beautiful celebrity began to tear at meeting the SNSD idol. In return, Yoona said her thoughts about Goo Hye Sun, saying, “I was surprised and shocked at the fact that Goo Hye Sun who is very pretty liked me. I too, like her a lot as well.”

Regarding the confessions made by these two pretty ladies, MC and fellow SNSD member Taeyeon commented, “They say that those who are similar play together, and I understand how these two pretty dolls like each other,” making an observation in a joking manner.

Check out the Yoona and Goo Hye Sun love below!

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