Monday, June 28, 2010

100628 SNSD Selected as New CF Model for Domino Pizza

[Asia Economy-Reporter Jo Kang Ok] SNSD was selected as Domino Pizza’s new girl group model, in which they signed an exclusive contract for 1 year.

Domino’s Pizza vice president of the Marketing division, Kim Myung Hwan, said, “Our young and new image was similar to the healthy and sweet SNSD girls’ image, which is why we chose them. All genders like SNSD so we think it’ll be good for us to have them as our models.”

In the future year, SNSD’s world cuisine concept for Domino’s Pizza is “Cook our hearts”. The premium pizza image is expected to unfold and the girls’ first appearance in the CF will be aired in early July.

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Credits to; Asia Economy-Reporter Jo Kang Ok 조강욱 기자 jomarok@
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Cr: Soshified | Dkpopnews

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