Tuesday, December 21, 2010

101221 How Do SNSD Members Differentiate Their Shoes?

A photo under the title of 'How SNSD Members Differentiate Their Shoes' was recently posted through an internet portal site. 

The photo showed Taeyeon with her foot raised during a performance. In the photo, 'Taeyeon' could be seen written in white on the bottom of her shoe. It seems as if the names of each member are written on the bottom of their shoes, as a way of making it easier for them to differentiate the identical shoes before performances.

Netizens left comments on the photo reading, "That's cute", and, "SNSD has showed off their wits."

Translated by: ch0sshi @soshified.com
Credit to: 김연지 기자 - joongang.co.kr
Original Article: Link 

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