Wednesday, May 26, 2010

100526 Jessica confesses, “When I talked about marriage, my father had objected and cried”

So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica reveals her parents’ reaction when she talked about marriage to them.

Jessica will be on KBS Happy Birthday to be aired on 24th May when she revealed, “My parents are not comfortable about the idea of me having a boyfriend. And even if I have interests for someone, I don’t like that person.”

She added, “I brought up the topic of marriage with them on several occasions before. And my father had teared.” Kim Seong then commented, “It seems when the daughter gets married, the father cries, and when the son gets married, the mother will cry.”

Lee KyeongGyu then joked, “When the child don’t get married, the 2 of them will cry.”

HaHa also commented, “My elder sister is still single and don’t intend to get married. My father said he is going to die.” with a little sense of humour.

Source: Newsen

Credit: Sookyeong


  1. I hope that whatever path u choose ,make sure u go all the way

  2. And never give up on What u want and love ,sometime u have to give up for the right reason and maybe find another path, in live there never a single path but there is more than one path u just have to find the right path that suit you ,fighting!!!!