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[FAN-ACCOUNT] 100516 - SNSD @Taeyeon 'Midnight Sun Musical'

Fan account by 참치르르@bestiz from today 10.05.16 Taengsical where all the girls came to see Taengoo

I hesitated whether to write this account
but on a Sunday like this you deserve some jealous rage kekekekeke

I never thought something like this would happen to me.
I used to read accounts like “I went to the restroom and saw SNSD!!” and shed tears of jealousy,
but what is this now…
First I want to cry some before beginnning TT TT TT TT TT TT

The girls are totally gorgeous, oh my they are totally real stars @*&(^%^#^%*&

What am I talking about?
I want to keep the moment forever so I write this account…

I heard the girls came to Taengsical but I couldn’t see them as I was in the upper deck,
when the show ended I was in a hurry to go to the restroom,
quickly I left the seats and I found a restroom in a far corner!

I open the door casually
Omona… Yuri is there smiling.
Honestly I was so startled I didn’t even know who it was.
I just thought I met the eyes of someone very pretty,
she was smiling at me. After a second passed ah… she is Yuri… and she is smiling at me…
My mind was blank as I entered and
omona… Seohyun is washing her hands TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
Yuri went into the first stall,
I was waiting for the other stall then the door opens
Omona… Soonkyu comes out TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
I was so surprised unconsciously I yell umma-yah duh duh kekekekeke
I need to take care of my business so I’m using the stall..

Come to think of it… Yuri is in the stall next to me, and Soonkyu is washing her hands kekekeke
how can something like this happen, I try to calm myself wiped my hands and went out the stall…

Then I hear clapping and cheering, just loud commotion
so I thought ah.. the fans must have found out SNSD here…
but actually it wasn’t the fans but the girls themselves kekekeke
It was Taengoo who appeared as I stepped out of the stall…
The girls were clapping and telling her that she did great~ Done so well~ You’re out already~ they surround Taeyeon and hug her, patting her head…
Yoona or I’m not sure exactly since the girls were talking at the same time, but she was complimenting Taeyeon’s run-around acting scene kekekeke
I wanted to cheer and compliment her and pat her too but ah… yeah I am a shadow kekeke

Buried among tall members Taengoo’s head was not visible then they move and I see Taengoo,
she was dressed so pretty, she came out real soon after changing kekeke

So anyway we are waiting for the elevator in the hallway then Taengoo says they need to move quickly and wants to use the stairs. Right then the elevator arrives. I enter and as I look at my face in the elevator mirror oh my… I see Taengoo, and other girls coming into the elevator.
After I get my senses back… Omona.. Sica is right beside me? Sica is holding a muffin in her hand and nibbling on it. I look around and omona… Yoona, and Seohyun are there.. *!@&^*#*&()!@!^@
I am the girl who was in an elevator with SNSD TT TT TT TT TT TT

Soon as they got in the elevator Seohyun called unnie unnie unnie~ thrice in a row then asked “That spacesuit it is you unnie right?” kekeke She must have been real curious she was urging Taengoo with a haste voice kekeke
Taeyeon smiled and answered no that is not her but a body double and the girls are making noise kekeke
Yoona said she knew it was body double, because otherwise unnie wouldn’t be able to get out here so soon blah blah blah… she sounded confident
Fany also told Taeyeon “I knew it wasn’t you” and smiled and mentioned that the spacesuit was pink~
She said the body double looked bigger than Taeyeon and she asked Taeyeon if the double is bigger than her.
Fany has good eyes I noticed the body double was bigger only after viewing the show twice.
Anyway Taengoo said “Yeah. Bigger than me.” Oongkikiki
While eating the muffin Sica asked “Then how about the songs?” and Taengoo answered that she did all the songs by herself.
Yoona said “During that scene I was about to tear up but realizing that unnie was behind singing, it made it funny kekekeke”
Taengoo replayed the part kekeke her expression so cute TT TT TT She laughed after ending a part, I am the girl who heard Taengoo singing in an elevator together TT TT TT TT TT TT

The girls are chatting nonstop in the elevator and I am so happy inside. So that is a body double~ I wanted to clap and join the chatting but.. yeah I am a shadow kekekekeke
So we get off the elevator and the girls leave while being cheered by the fans~

I don’t think I will ever see them this close again…
What can I say, the girls are gorgeous. Coming to see the stage dressed up and in makeups wow… they are stars TT TT TT TT TT TT small faces, slim, and nice skin they must be so happy to be so pretty…
I thought Taeyeon was cute looking but in real life oh duh she is beautiful TT TT TT TT
But hearing their conversations
they are just like the neighborhood friends their age kekekeke
just kids chattering TT TT

Most of all the girls clapping, cheering, patting head and encouraging for Taengoo it all looked so pretty.
Ah…Tonight is so warm and nice oongkikiki


* oongkikiki is a new laugh Taeyeon used in UFO so fans laugh that way now

Cr: DCinside | beztiz | silis7noy2@soompi | haditya@snsd9

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